Hack the Environment

In 2020 we will for the first time ever have a more specific theme for the startup hack. This year, the hackathon will focus on solutions and products that can help the environment! Wanna battle climate change? Or beat the next pandemic before it even happens? Or do you simply want to save the whales? We have, together with some experts in respective fields, a lot of interesting problems and ideas, and we can't wait to invite you to the hackathon and see what you come up with to solve these problems. Or maybe you already have a brilliant idea on a product that will accomplish somehting similar? Join the hackathon with that idea! Anything is possible and the sky is, quite literally, the limit!


Why should i join?

To develop your ideas and your skills together with other enthusiastic people! We will provide an awesome venue, talented judges and lots of food and snacks, everything needed to get your creative skills goind for the whole day. You will meet so many interesting and talented people, representatives from some of the largest companies and town, and you'll also meet everyone from the GBGSH crew, so much fun people ;)

How should i join?

We typically announce this shortly before the hackathon dates. Keep an eye out for people to recruit to your team in the meantime!

Do i need to have an idea to join?

Previously that has been the case, yes. But this year we will provide lots of interesting ideas and problems to bite in to. If that works well this year, perhaps it will be a recurring thing as well!

Do i need to be a programming wizard?

>Not at all! One of the best things about organizing this event is to give people the opportunity to see how talented they actually are! Many teams find that a blend of qualities amongst the members is what generates the best product. There is most likely a team out there that you could fit right into. Believe in yourself!

How do I keep up to date with information?

Regularly check out this site, subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date by keeping an eye on our twitter and facebook.

Can I sign up alone?

Sorry, but no. A hackathon is about building cool things together. But why not bring your idea and find your team at the Meetup? You can also let us match you right here. Or you can head over to the matchup space and see if you can find people to team up with yourself.

How large can our team be?

At most 5 people, and you should be at least 2. We recommend being 4.

Where do I find team members?

IRL, on the internet. Try using our hashtag #gbgstartuphack when looking for prospective team members! You can also check out the matchup space or let us match you.

Do I get favored in the selection process if I sign up early?

Nope. Just make sure you sign up before April 17.

My idea and/or team has somehow changed since we entered our signup information, what do I do?

Email us at info@gbgstartuphack.com and we’ll get back to you!

Can we start hacking on our idea before the hack?

Please use common sense; do not bring your startup’s finished product/prototype. Use this day to hack on the things you do not normally get time for.

There’s no Facebook event for The Hack? Where and how do I sign up?

There is one, though attending the Facebook event doesn't give you an attendance spot. Sign up here instead.

Does the idea/prototype have to be strictly based on IT?

This is a hackathon, so it should include hacking code in one way or the other. If you’re unsure if your idea fits the format, just drop us an email.

Do I need to be able to code in order to apply?

Oh no! It's all about building a team which eventually will deliver something cool during the day. Feel free to be the planning person in your group.

A sample team

A neat team compilation of four people consist of:

  • Two developers
  • One designer
  • One planning person overseeing the progress, creating the presentation, engineering the overall vision, and more.

Or, why separate the roles?

  • Three developers knowing design, or three designers who can code
  • One planning person