Getting excited for this year's hack!

Last year we gathered 100 awesome hackers in 25 teams at the top of Gothia Towers and during 10 hours they created some really cool stuff.

We feel like continuing the tradition the Hack and the Startup Arena. Feel free to look around. Mayhaps send us one of those emails if there's anything on your mind.

Press: We have a newsroom where you can follow us! Woho! Follow Gothenburg Startup Hack

Sign up for the hack

Got an idea? Got a team? Ready to hack? Follow the link and submit your team application

Teams of 3-5 are preferred, make sure you submit an idea for which you can build a prototype in 10 hrs, and that you're prepared to pitch the idea and present the prototype on stage.

Practical Info

Gothenburg Startup Hack is about building and demoing a product prototype.

We prefer fresh ideas and technological innovation over a solid business case. Don't worry about the numbers or the bottom line — use your imagination, think outside the box and go nuts!

This hack is about building stuff — a demo with just a PowerPoint presentation ain't gonna fly.

We will be hosting a meetup April 11 — where we'll all hang out and meet each other. Looking for a team or more team members? This is the right place to be! Sign up for the meetup here

Once you have put together a versatile team, make sure to sign up before the application deadline — .

We think that the best teams are made up of people with different skills and different backgrounds.

We recommend team sizes between 3 to 5 people.

Finally, the hack takes place on May 6. Be prepared to hack from early in the morning 'til late in the evening.

We will keep you comfortable and make sure you are fed all the way through.

The Partners

Burt is the fastest growing big data analytics and visualisation platform for media and entertainment. We're currently hiring ambitious engineers, designers, data scientists and business developers to expand our Gothenburg headquarters and NYC footprint.

The Techno Creatives is the leading agency delivering digital products and services for a disrupted automotive industry. As part of Gothenburg Startup Hack we meet the developers and designers that will be part of transforming every business there is, as well as starting new ventures changing our ever faster evolving society. Lets hack the world!

Spotify is an award-winning digital music service that gives you on-demand access to over 30 million tracks. Our dream is to make all the world’s music available instantly to everyone, wherever and whenever you want it. Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage and share music with your friends, while making sure that artists get a fair deal.

Annevo & Co is the original hybrid between Incubator and Consultancy, ”consult-funded startups” as we call it. We are currently 35 people in Annevo & Co working with clients and startups. Funding 4 startups such as,, Unicow Games & Biotrack. We are also the fastest growing company within our genre.

Knowit is a huge player in the IT and Management consultancy game, spanning 6 countries through three decades! Knowit Systems Development is a part of the Solutions branch, focused on delivering world class performance with local presence to clients in need of developers and UX-designers in and around Gothenburg.

We are Varvet. We’re developers and designers that craft digital products and services that help our customers change. Change the way you work. Change the way you sell. Change the way you communicate. Change the world.

Twitter: @varvet

Quality Think is the next generation of consultant agency that is helping fellow Thinkers to realise their own startup ideas! We are currently looking for innovative interaction designers and talented java-, frontend- and mobile-developers. Find out more at is the World’s largest game server provider for Minecraft, based in Gothenburg. With 4 million users and growing we want to provide the best hub for gamers that want to grow and monetize their gaming communities. More games and exciting new products in 2017’s pipeline.

We are now looking for new talents, front-, backend and full stack developers who wants to help us build the best solution for future gamers that demands the highest quality services.

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