Off-season & Back to reality

Right now we're in the middle of the off-season in regards to the Startup Hack. Though, we're not staying idle. On October 2 we're hosting an event together with Annevo, with some nice food, drinks and interesting tech talks!

There are only a few spots left and it's free of charge, so hurry! Get your ticket here!

Want to be a part of next year's hack?

The Day

Thanks to Johannes Lundqvist, @dagensvisa on instagram, for taking these photos! More images are coming, so stay tuned

The Partners

Spotify transformed music listening forever when it launched in Sweden in 2008. Discover, manage and share over 50m songs for free, or upgrade to Spotify Premium to access exclusive features including offline mode, improved sound quality, Spotify Connect and ad-free listening.
Today, Spotify is the largest global audio streaming subscription service with 217m users, including 100m subscribers, across 79 markets. We are the largest driver of revenue to the music business today.

Knowit is all about digitalization and helping companies and organizations transform into the digital age with sustainability and humanity in mind. With talented consultants with a broad set of skills, Knowit drives innovation all across society. Knowit Systems Development is a part of the Solutions branch, focused on delivering world class performance with local presence to clients in need of developers and UX-designers in and around Gothenburg.

At Volvo Group we are building Android. That’s right ;) Volvo is not only a strong vehicle company but also has passionate Android developers. Here we are in the heart of world-leading Android dev in the automotive industry. We develop apps and services for the best digital customer experience ever.

Mullvad is a VPN service offering world-class, online privacy. Our service helps keep users' online activity, identity, and location private. Mullvad circumvents censorship and thwarts eavesdropping from Wi-Fi hackers to local-government mass surveillance. We keep no activity logs and require no personal information. Our goal is to make Internet censorship and mass surveillance ineffective. Privacy is a universal right.

Annevo is an innovation- and technology-focused consulting company in Gothenburg offering product development services and digital solutions. Via Annevo Studios employees have the opportunity to create their own concepts and build prototypes, whereupon both as an employee and via external partners they may seek investment support from Annevo. Funding startups such as RGNT Motorcycles, Otis Bikes, Podmosphere.

Creative Loop is our take on a creative and laid back office made specifically for people who are designers, developers, photographers, social media gurus, entrepreneurs and so on.

Consid is one of Sweden's fastest growing companies which provides consulting services within IT, management and digital marketing. Our mission is to ensure that our clients becomes the best in the world at what they do. Welcome to Consid – the world of high performers.

Recorded Future’s mission is to empower our customers with real-time threat intelligence, to defend their organizations against threats at the speed and scale of the Internet. With billions of indexed facts, and more added every day, our patented Web Intelligence Engine continuously analyzes the entire Web to give you unmatched insight into emerging threats. Recorded Future helps protect four of the top five companies in the world, and over 7000 IT security professionals use Recorded Future everyday.

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How do I keep up to date with information?

Regularly check out this site, subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date by keeping an eye on our twitter and facebook.

Can I sign up alone?

Sorry, but no. A hackathon is about building cool things together. But why not bring your idea and find your team at the Meetup? You can also let us match you right here. Or you can head over to the matchup space and see if you can find people to team up with yourself.

How large can our team be?

At most 5 people, and you should be at least 2. We recommend being 4.

Where do I find team members?

IRL, on the internet. Try using our hashtag #gbgstartuphack when looking for prospective team members! You can also check out the matchup space or let us match you.

Do I get favored in the selection process if I sign up early?

Nope. Just make sure you sign up before April 17.

My idea and/or team has somehow changed since we entered our signup information, what do I do?

Email us at and we’ll get back to you!

Can we start hacking on our idea before the hack?

Please use common sense; do not bring your startup’s finished product/prototype. Use this day to hack on the things you do not normally get time for.

There’s no Facebook event for The Hack? Where and how do I sign up?

There is one, though attending the Facebook event doesn't give you an attendance spot. Sign up here instead.

Does the idea/prototype have to be strictly based on IT?

This is a hackathon, so it should include hacking code in one way or the other. If you’re unsure if your idea fits the format, just drop us an email.

Do I need to be able to code in order to apply?

Oh no! It's all about building a team which eventually will deliver something cool during the day. Feel free to be the planning person in your group.

A sample team

A neat team compilation of four people consist of:

  • Two developers
  • One designer
  • One planning person overseeing the progress, creating the presentation, engineering the overall vision, and more.

Or, why separate the roles?

  • Three developers knowing design, or three designers who can code
  • One planning person